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Twin Tub Washing Machine – 7 KG

LG's washing machines are characterized by a sleek and modern design, also by the presence of the plastic body so it does not repel the loyalty of electrical contact. Also, LG washing machine of this type is very efficient for washing, thanks to the design of the roller fan, the bottom of which is designed efficiently with the addition of 6 fans attached to it for high efficiency in washing. It also has three speeds for the fan (nice - light - strong). You can choose the right speed for you according to the type of clothes you enter. All this control and rotation is done through a motor that is efficient and highly durable. There is a guarantee Ten years on the motor.

Twin Tub Washing Machine – 9 KG

  • White Color
  • Roller Jet Pulsator
  • 3 Wash Selector “Gentle / Normal / Strong”
  • Lint Filter
  • Plastic body
  • Dimensions Width x Depth x Height (880 x 530 x 1025 )mm

Vally Juice Powder 300 gm x 10

عصير فالي عبوه ٣٠٠ جرام عدد ١٠ عبوات شراب سريع التحضير  

Weekly Pormo Package

شوال سكر ١٠ كيلو دقيق سيقا بكت دقيق زادنا بكيت نص ربع بصل زيت ٤.٢٥ لتر ٢ علبة  صلصه كيلو عدس كيلو رز مصري ٣ مكرونة ٣٠٠ جرام ٣ شعريه ٣٠٠ جرام ربع كيلو بن مسحون واحد رطل شاي علبة مربه كيلو طحنيه

White Meat Tuna – Alwabil 6 pcs X 185g

تونة الوابل زيت دوار الشمس ١٨٥ جرام ٦ عبوات

White Sugar 10 kg bag

Sugar 10 Kg – سكر ابيض نقي ١٠ كيلوجرام   Free Next day Delivery in Khartoum

Zadna Flour from Syga 2 kg

دقيق زرة ابيض للكسره والعصيدة - ٢ كيلو