About Us

With an understanding of how it feels to have family and friends at the other end of the world, it has never been easy. Yes, we have witnessed both sides.

But instead of sending money that can be lost or stolen, it is much better to send exactly what your loved ones want, to their doorstep.

This realization has brought about our mission statement which creates a fast and convenient avenue to show your loved ones you care.

You can send groceries, supplies of all kinds, phone credit, and all kinds of things to them. All you need is their full name and a contact number, and they will receive it in only a few hours.

We are efficient, reliable, easy to work with and we always guarantee a safe delivery.


Show your loved ones you care

With reliable 24-hour delivery from Checkout, you can send Grocery and more to your family members back.

Purchase and Delivery of Food

Afrisells.com has taken steps to ease the process of sending groceries and others to family members back home. With the development of the Online Portal that allows food to be sent to families in Sudan, Kool Communications LLC & Kool Communications RAK set up offices in USA & UAE to make the process more efficient and guarantee reliability.

Yes, when you send. They will receive.

In the comfort of your home, you can easily buy and send groceries, Electricity & Phone recharge, Electronics to friends and families in Sudan.